“Who’s The Clown Now” Release Schedule

“You once told me you wished you could abandon your world and join ours. Baby Girl, did you know just what that would mean?”

Who’s The Clown Now walks you through a series of worlds all created by an isolated adolescent called Baby Girl. She’s desperate to escape the constant shame and ridicule she’s been put through in reality and begs her only friend, a spiny beast called The Miss, to take her to the realms she’s created in hopes of some peace of mind. What she gets is something far more disturbing than her expectations.

WTCN will be the first story under MJD to go out in full. The story will touch on the major muses along with and introduction to the overarching universe in which the entire MJD brand references.

Below are the major dates you’ll want to keep in mind for the gradual updates on this web story:

  • Monday, November 14th: Prologue Release
  • Monday, November 28th: Kursia’s Story “The Hanged Man’s Plan”
  • Monday, December 12th: King’s Story “Dara-Drarillion”

As of right now, I only have dates for two of the five muse chapters. This is due to it being a matter of where I stand when the time comes and due to holidays, I can’t say for sure when the chapter after King will release. Keep in mind that these stories do take a lot of hard work to produce on my own, these dates may be subject to change due to finals and the start dates may not always mean the chapter will be complete on that day.

I’m excited to brng this project back in full! November 14th will be a fun relaese day and birthday for me!

Until then, don’t get your legs stuck!


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