Thumbsnails: Weekly Sketches #1

Today is the beginning of a fun series I plan to do once a week on this blog. Thumbsnails! Yes you read that right, snails….

There is mature content under the cut!

Thumbsnails will be a compilation of my daily sketches throughout the course of each week. Most will tell you that using your sketchbook once a day is a major key to improvement, for me it’s an idea journal, full of as many mental notes as possible whether they be good or bad. I don’t strive for perfection with my sketchbook entries, that defeats the purpose of it being a process book, huh?

My two current sketchbooks are a Moleskine 5×7 standard sketchbook and a Moleskine 8.5×12 watercolor album.I have an ongoing trathmore tan toned sketchbook that’ll probably make an appearance in future posts

I will admit that the entries I’ll show today are mostly my colored entries, this does not include pencil doodles and thumbnails for future works.

Previous Sketches:

October 31st-November 6th:


Above is a good example of me just fooling around. I recently invested in gouache and a few more supplies that I wanted to play with. The phrase “God is taking demerol” is a spin on th lyric “Oh god he’s taking demerol” from Michael Jackson’s song Morphine. That was what I first thought he said until I looked up the lyrics one day. Gotta say, I prefer my take.


I had intended for this to be a thumbnail for a future work until I scrapped the idea entirely. This was only half colored but I thought it was worth showing. I haven’t done as many full color sketches as usual this week but I’ll see what I can do next time around.


Studies! I’ll admit that I should be doing more of these per week, but with my gouache discovery I went bonkers with experiments. Usually my sketchbooks are way less organized than this. My prefered methods are arbitrarily slapping ink down in all corners and screaming.



Lastly, I hope cheeky images won’t be too much of a both cause you’re going to so a lot of those here. King is a character I draw more often than I should. His story, out of all I’ve been developing, has been the closest to me as a person. He battles discrimination within both his personal life and in his own industry. His story also plays with the idea of predispositions verses learned abilities; most of the rejection he faces professionally stems from his abilities being so hard to explain for his instructors and peers, those of wich struggled to admit that he was the one with the potential to shake the way the industry worked.

Keep in mind that illustration, for me, is a tool. It’s the main way I can communicate ideas. I get asked a lot why I’m going into design as a field of study when I can illustrate, it’s because it’s just one key to a much bigger picture. As much as I love to draw, making it my fulltime career would be painful. My style is a combination of western and eastern influences and sometimes a purposefully crude nature. To bring this aesthetic into fruition through design is the direction I’d going for. I do plan to begin posting about my design works in the future, let’s just hope my schedule won’t get too crammed.

I may show more of my doodle pages in the future, problem is I have a tenancy to mix in sketches and brainstorming for future concepts that I can’t really show until they’re complete.

~ Jai M. Morgan


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