Who’s The Clown Now Extensions

I think we can all say that this has become a stressful week. As I stated in the posts I made on Monday, Who’s The Clown Now will begin this month, though the dates are subject to change.

The first edit will be the start date. Due to me heading into finals territory with my studies, the beginning date may by pushed back to the 18th. I will say that next week, something will go up but when is not 100% solid. Changes are still being made to the work I’ve completed so far for this series.

If it turns out that I will have to extend the start dates, here is the fixed schedule:

November 18th: Prologue

November 30th: Kursia’s Story

December 16th: King’s Story

The date changes are not in stone at this point, but it’s worth making an alternate schedule. Snippets and previews will go up in between each update, due to the amount of work it takes to produce something like this, I can only go so fast.

~ Jai M. Morgan


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