Thumbsnails: Weekly Sketches #2

Hey folks!

Week #2 of Thumbsnails Most will tell you that using your sketchbook once a day is a major key to improvement, for me it’s an idea journal, full of as many mental notes as possible whether they be good or bad. I don’t strive for perfection with my sketchbook entries, that defeats the purpose of it being a process book, huh?

This weeks entry is more on the site of exploring preliminary work as we lead up to the start of “Who’s The Clown Now?” Though there may be a lack of full color sketches this time around, hopefully my brainstorming process may be just as interesting. This does include some of the panel drafts I started I while back from the reworking of my old pages for WTCN. The main reason why I’m showing these is due to some of these frames being dropped, so they will not make it into the final cut. I’ve changed much of the old format to WTCN so consider these scrap ideas.

The frames that will be put to use are once againvbeing omitted from this post. So you’ll have to wait and see! I’m still messing with my new camera, so forgive the lighting and saturation!

November 7th-November 13th


Exploring world design: Aside from character development, world design has to be one of my favorite pass-times. A good portion of my stories come from dreams while the rest stems from my love of 1970s retrofuturism and fantasy along with the Art Nouveau revival (the same organic forms but in combination with you typical 70s psychedelic color palette). One thing that will eventually make it into WTCN is how the societies you’ll be introduced run their power. I always further brainstorm just how their transportation works and how their power is supplied from underneath their cities.


Above are examples of frame-work. I’m not one to strive for perfect thumbnails. As long as I’m the only one who has to decipher the scribbles, it’s ok. WTCN does not necessarily fall under the lines of a comic, and it’s become even less of which in the new adaptions since I first started the idea back in September. WTCN is to serve as an introduction of the overarching world behind Madjawdolls.Baby Girl was originally a caricature of my younger self. She still carries a good portion of the weight for the newer adaption but I’ve dug deeper into some sides of the story.


What can I say? Meat lanterns.


Lastly, these little characters appear in my sketches a lot. Whether they be designs for Marilyn Madjaw’s dolls or other entities, I get wacky when I’m left alone with markers.

If you enjoy these posts then feel free to keep up with these blogs. Who’s The Clown Now starts this weekend on my main website so keep on a look out!

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