November Photoshoot Design Process…

Hey folks!

After a long awaited blog break I’vemanaged to pull together another photoshoot for MJD also for my design class. This is the first garment I’ve made for amodeled shoot besids my past photoshoot projects.

I first wanted to say thanks to my lovely model (@mxdelcrazy on instagram) and the talented Hannah Bo of Bofoto for working with me on this project!

The original concept for this design combined influence from the lowbrow/pop-surrealism movement and one of my all time favorite painters H.R. Giger.

Below are the sketch drafts and construction process:


The whole premise of this project was to design a mini collection using well thought out concepts and to construct a full garment using any material possible.



Now due to time constraints some features unfortunatelyhad to be cut from the final design. Not to mention a rather chaotic past few weeks leading up to the completion of this project. However I am quite happy with the turnout of the photos as I put the most focus on the final product as a whole with its presentation (I am very conceptual therefore everything has to fit together including the visuals for me to really feel satisfied).

Thumbsnails should be back soon! Keep an eye out for a full post on the “Hanged Man’s Plan” chapter book breifing for Who’s The Clown Now!

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