Thumbsnails: Weekly Sketches #3

Woohoo it’s been a minute hasn’t it?

With 2016 coming to a close I’ve been hustling to plan and make some changes to my sites. First being that the main site for Madjaw Dolls will be relocated (I apologize for site maintainance taking so long, but there’s a lot of configuration involved) once all has been moved to WordPress, features will be back up.

This weeks edition of thumbsnails will be a mix of preliminaries for current projects as well as some warm ups. For this week I don’t have a specific topic to explore other than to show a tad of my process work. I have been bulk producing illustrations and planning while most is on the down low.

The Hanged Man’s Plan scene preliminaries! Now I’ve blocked out the text for these previews but here’s a bit of the behind the scenes of the color preliminary scene sketches. The objective is to get a rough idea of what the frames will look like in small-scale long before I blow them up into full size and full detail images.


Sketches….just some daily babies!



Illustration process (upcoming works)….



Form sketch and mock-up for one of many upcoming works!

There’s quite a bit I’m keeping on the down low for now, which means Thumbsnails will most likely stick to daily sketches and a few preliminaries here and there. I will be back on the Monday upload schedule for next week so keep on a lookout!

~ Jai M. Morgan



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