Thumbsnails: Weekly Sketches #4 (PG Version)

As I said in the last Thumbsnails post, I’m considering changing this upload schedule to Friday, it turns out that it makes for better timing for me!

For this week (these will be sketches that were done in the past week, not what was featured in Friday’s thumbsnails) I’ve put my focus into pulling myself out of drawing plateau. In terms of improvement I have felt that my current skill set in drawing has plateaued. What do I mean by that? Well, if you draw you may have moments where you feel that you’ve reached a point in improvement where you’re not moving as fast as you want to. I’ve seen improvements in my work on a month to month basis because I work at my craft so often, though I have been working over the past few months, my growth hasn’t felt as comfortable and I find myself wanting to improve more.

I see and use drawing as a form of communication in combination with the ambitions I have for bringing the ideas into other forms of media, drawing helps me communicate said ideas with whoever I’m working with.

I will have two separate posts up for this week, the first being a PG cut of this weeks thumbsnails while the next may contain more graphic content because I’m a freak.

Two of these are preliminaries for some future concepts (one of them I drew on a train so don’t expect much….) I also decided to mess around a little more with the pentel pocket brush pen which everyone and their mama seems to have an obsession with, so much so that I’ve even been asked when drawing in public if I was using it.

I’m trying to break myself from my marker using habits. It’s not that copics are bad, in fact most that know my work know that copics are a staple for me, however, they’re unfortunately an expensive staple (especially when owning over 100 markers) and I would like to replace that with mediums such a watercolor, gouache and even digital. The difficulties are switching from a medium with a good amount of control to mediums with no control. I’ve used watercolor in the past and gouache is a new discipline for me. I’m an inker so my go to is heavier line-work which is harder to pull off in watercolor.

It may sound strange that I prefer controlled mediums when I have and extremely loose drawing style to begin with.

With all said and done, if you want to check out the slightly more bizarre thumbsnails, keep on a look out for that post that should go up just in time for the holidays….

Holiday gore and nudity……..this probably won’t go well!

~ Jai M. Morgan

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