Thumbsnails: Weekly Sketches #5

Hey hey!

Thumbsnails has finally returned! My apologies for being sidetracked, I’m currently up to my neck in deadlines and preliminary work! Hopefully you understand!

This thumbsnails will be kept for some of those preliminary works though I can only show a select few at this time! Some have been previewed on my instagram, the thumbsnails of the weeks missed will end up in future additions at some point!

Week of January 8-16


These were done just yesterday! I’ve been experimenting with the Yarka St. Petersburg watercolor palette! My first impression of Yarka is so far pretty good (I used to use Kuretake and W&N brand watercolors).


Greyscale preliminaries for upcoming projects:



This thumbsnails was a little shorter but keep on a look out for the new site!


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