Working Titles & Updates On Official Character Roster

As a slight continuation of my last post, here are some extended updates on the working titles to fall under MJD in the upcoming months:

Madjaw Dolls has plans to expand its branding to multiple forms of media starting with various interractive projects. Each project will run under an overarching universe which has been undergoing full registration over the past few months leading up to some of the project launches. The Sector M.I. verse is one of the main working titles to fall under MJD containing the major muses in with the interractive projects will focus on.

Characters Currently Listed Under SMI:

– Mi Mi Roshadea (Titled “The Queen” first developed in 2006)

– Airesiel Ugrra (Titled “The Revolutionist” first developed in 2005-2006)

– Delveen Rheyszagglahar (Titled “The King” first developed in 2014)

– Marilyn Madjaw (Titled “The Dollmaker” first developed in 2014)

– Deeja Rheyada (Guard forthe Rheyszagglahar family, first developed in 2016)

– Alois Rheyahodaphi (Senator and theatre director, first developed in 2015)

This  characters will be the major for easch projects, now keep in mind that typically I have up to three characters in development at once and gradually narrow them down until I have a suitable major (major characters are in development for several months prior to being prrviewed or launched anywhere. Minor characters, races, species and world development are constant. MJD is a transmedia brand (transmedia being a term that refers to a franchise or brand that transends multiple mediums). The visual content is made for the purpose of establishing the main verse.

So far the beta projrcts are something I’ve been writing the scripting for and preparing drafts. I have no exact dates yet as I have been in the process of getting everything regestered which the business side of these things are sometimes very annoying and time consuming to do  but well worth it in the end!

As I said, major character updates only happen every once in a while but minors are updated more often. Once the registration is set there will be more information going up!

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