Thumbsnails: Daily Sketches & Subjects Of Annoyance


I’m back on board with Thumbsnails with quite a bit to share this time (cause I haven’t posted in an extended period of time) I’m still shooting for Friday thumbsnails rather than Mondays.

Most of the thumbsnails this time around are illustration preliminaries–most project preliminaries won’t be shown until afterwards. I went back and forth all last week deciding which to put up first, there are only a few comic projects to start out with though some–including the main world development won’t be–partly due to the story being non-linear and meant as a visual foundation. 

This whole venture so far has helped me regain some assurance for my art style, like I mentioned in my last post, my concerns in my own work have always been consistency and towards my art style. The ideas I see in my head are already quite warped, those images are what I work towards rather than striving to “be like” something. That’s not to say that I’m not a stickler for self improvement, I still do observational drawing as often as possible. One of the best tips I received in school was “You don’t have to compromise your integrity to make something look right…” – wise words from a past professor of mine. I became friends with quite a few of my professors, including my life drawing professor whom I took for all three life drawing foundation courses. I was very insecure about my art style until they woke me up to the fact that once you develop a distinct niche, it’s all a mater of gradual improvement. I’m pretty grateful for the connections and pointers I’ve had through this journey and will hopefully continue to have. I always read arguments concerning the nessecity of art school , it highly depends on your intended career paths and your preferred learning style–some have made their careers self employed without art school while some decided to go–there is no right or wrong it depends on you. It also depends on how entrepreneurial you are; you can make it without working for hire, especially if you’re looking to produce specific products. I will say that art school WILL give you a much needed wake up call (pretentiousness will get cut real-quick!) it’s easy to assume being the best artist just out of high school, from a smaller community–I’ve been there ahaha (by that I mean it being easy to feel good when you’re in a town high school–due to less exposure).

Some of these made it to IG and some didn’t!

I am still on mobile, though I will say that the registration process for MJD is going well enough, it’s a long and irritating process to say the least, I can’t really put anything out until all is in place (it’s going to be a while anyway).

Again I apologize for typos! This technology issue has limited what I can do and hopefully autocorrect doesn’t eat me!

~ Jai M. Morgan 

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