Site Updates & Constant Screaming


My first updates being check MJD for the story info (all offered will brand from this) and page updates. 

Dara-Drarillion is the first story to go under MJD and is still being developed. The concept for it sprung up a long while back though some characters and worldbuilding didn’t happen until I started working on “The Hanged Man’s Plan” though I moved those titles around. Dara is still a part of the verse of SMI.

Mostly my work for MJD consists of developing the site branding as I work through product pitches and figure what content I’m shooting for. YES graphic novels are one aspect, but I wish to dabble into multimedia more as I don’t like to feel restricted to one form of art.

To those who may be confused, I first studied Fashion Design with a minor in Illustration before performing the ol’switcharoo and am aiming for taking online courses as I build MJD and work to make money TO build MJD. So yes my life right now is non-stop screaming. But I do it for what I love.

I’ve been drawing long before I took up fashion, which is why it makes sense that I’ve gone through so many life changes. I grew up on games and manga so…figures? I’m also a complete 1980s reject–I live in 1980s horror and fantasy films– though there are many tips in fashion I’ve learned to use towards my overall goal (much like illustration and sequential, fashion is all about the preliminary work). 

Anyway, dates for Dara are not set, but I will say that nothing big will drop super soon. Again rights are being processed, all works under MJD and SMI are being and have been registered ahead of time. I can’t stress this enough!

Till next time!

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